Use A Handy-Kan For Your Next Construction Project Or Event!

Portable Toilet Rentals For Gig Harbor &
Kitsap – Pierce – King County WA

We specialize in Providing Superior Toilet & Wash Facilities
For Event Attendees, Employees, Contractors, And Others

Reasons To Rent Portable Toilets

Arranging to have portable toilets delivered is a great way to keep your event guests happy and provide for them to enjoy your occasion without having to leave because nature calls. If you have never rented portable toilets for an event before, we would advise that you rent at least one portable toilet for every 25 guests. If your event will last for most of one day, consider renting additional units.

An event lasting over several days will need more toilet units, and those will need to be serviced regularly.

Our expert planning staff will help you determine how many units you need, where to place them, and if they will need to be serviced while on-site.

  • Special Occasions & Events:

Large birthday celebrations, anniversaries or engagement parties, and weddings are all types of occasions that require extra attention to the needs and comfort of your guests. Having portable bathrooms on site can will significantly increase the comfort level of all attendees, especially the older ones.

  • Family Gatherings:

Renting portable toilets when you’re hosting family reunions and picnics is a must. When you have a Handy-Kan rental at your family gatherings, not only are you taking the comfort and health of your guests into consideration – but the location where you host your gathering or reunion expands considerably.  You will be the HERO of the day!

  • Corporate Events:

Promotions, Seminars, Training events, Vendor events or training, and all retirement celebrations will certainly benefit from clean, nearby bathroom and washing facilities. With a Handy-Kan or Kans setup, you don’t have to worry about LONG restroom lines.

  • Construction & Work Sites:

Construction sites will almost certainly lack existing toilet facilities that workers are allowed to use. Providing portable Handy-Kans supports your worker’s productivity and allows them to remain at the construction or job site, rather than having to leave to find a bathroom.