A waste holding tank is also called a black water tank or wastewater tank that is used to store sewage or waste water from portable toilets or any other facility where the public sewage system is not available. They are designed to hold waste from a house, building, and recreational vehicles and discharge them later into a sewage treatment system. These portable waste holding tanks are also very useful at any event location or construction site for waste collection. Here at Hemley’s Handy Kan, we provide high-quality waste holding tanks for residential and commercial purposes.

Our waste holding tank rentals are made of high-quality material for clean, safe, and easy use. They are used to hold waste such as:

  • Toilet waste
  • Food waste
  • Waste water

Waste holding tanks are very useful at the location or facility that is not connected with the public sewage or wastewater management system. They are an ideal solution for temporary use to hold waste and discharge them as per the requirements to maintain a proper hygiene order at your place. We will also help you install a clean waste holding tank and remove it as per your requirements.

We are committed to providing creative and affordable Sanitation & Health Safety Solutions. We work with a team of trained and qualified professionals with expertise in waste management to deliver our services in Kitsap County WA, King County, Pierce County, and Mason County cities and towns.

If you are organizing an event, having a family gathering, or managing a construction project, we can help you find the best Waste holding tank rentals WA for your needs. Contact us for more details and a free estimate as per your requirements.