Cost-effective and Stylish Portable Sink Units for Outdoor Settings

We understand that you want to make the best arrangements for your guests when it comes to hygiene. Being an esteemed portable sink supplier in WA, we can help you achieve that.

At Hemley’s Handy Kans, we offer portable outdoor hand wash sink stations that are highly suitable for use in commercial catering, food service applications, agricultural farms, festivals, fairs, concerts, and any place where hand washing is required. Our offered hand wash sinks for construction sites are also highly acclaimed and demanded due to the convenience they offer to workers.

Our wide assortment of portable sink units comes with a dual sink feature with extra deep sink basins to fulfill hand washing requirements. They are also equipped with oval windows in the outer tank to highlight a translucent inner freshwater tank. Consequently, the whole unit is featured with a dual-tone look. They also have a functional water level indicator for users and service people to check if the tank contains sufficient water.

Our outdoor hand wash sinks are made in adherence to the hand washing codes and regulations and we ensure that our handwash sinks are delivered on time in the first-class condition.    So, if you want to rent portable sinks units in WA, we are your trusted portable sink supplier in terms of quality, promptness, and satisfaction.