Portable toilets have many uses. These are often used in construction sites and outdoor areas such as parking lots where indoor plumbing is unavailable. They are also used in large outdoor gatherings including concerts, fairs, and recreational events.

The history of the portable restroom and how it came about is more interesting than you might imagine! The following are some facts about portable toilets.

The portable toilet industry started out as a solution to the problem of sanitation on ships. Early portable toilets were made from metal and wood but were very heavy and difficult to empty when a ship docked. Over time, portable restrooms were improved and now use much lighter materials and are more sanitary. Some of the most common types of portable toilets are luxury models with a variety of features and other types of portable toilets that are simple and affordable, while still offering quality service.

The portable toilet industry was initially developed to address the problem of lack of space on ships. However, this industry has grown into a much bigger industry today. While portables are still commonly used in construction sites, they can also be used at weddings and other events. With a few changes, you can make a portable toilet even more hygienic and more comfortable. If you’re unsure of where to get one, please give us a call at 253-858-7727.

The portable toilet was invented during World War II to meet the needs of military personnel and sea ship crews. They needed a sturdy way to eliminate human waste when the era of indoor plumbing began. This type of outhouse consisted of a single-stall that had a hole in the bench and a hole in the floor. The waste went directly to the ground below. While this is not only unsanitary, probably against any health code anywhere, it is NOT best option for any event or habitation.  Portable toilets are still the most economical option for many situations and come in all sizes and capacities.

Available in all shapes and sizes, they are perfect for construction sites. There are even ones that are fully-equipped with plumbing. Unlike a standard toilet, a portable toilet can be used on a regular basis at a construction site. And just as with any other piece of equipment, portable toilets are going to need regular cleaning and they aren’t as easy for you to clean as you might think.

The portable toilet is a great choice for construction projects. It can be used at any location, whether it is in the middle of a city or rural area. It’s perfect for worksites where there are a lot of people. Having access to a porta potty is a great convenience, especially for workers who can’t find anywhere else to go. If you’re not sure about the pros and cons of a portable toilet, please give us a call at 253-858-7727!