How much sanitation your event – no matter if it’s a company picnic or a formal wedding – will require will depend on your number of attendees. While many cities don’t require service people to be on site, others require them. Before your event, make sure to research the rules and regulations in your area. If you aren’t sure, contact your local permitting office for information. Always provide more than what’s suggested, and never underestimate the need for restrooms.

Hemley’s portable toilets capacity for outdoor events

How many Hemley’s portable toilets units do you need? Each Hemley’s portable toilet has an average capacity of 250 uses before maintenance is needed. Professional sanitation experts recommend one unit per 100 attendees per hour, but this number is likely to vary depending on the type of event and duration. To determine how many portable toilet units you’ll need, estimate the number of guests you’re expecting and plan accordingly. It can also help to ask your local governing body about sanitation guidelines for special events, which may be applicable to your specific event.

The fastest way to determine how many and how much portable sanitation you need is to call Hemley’s. We are experts at this and can give you a solid answer in minutes.

One thing to remember when planning for an outdoor event is that septic systems are not designed to handle large amounts of waste. Even modern conveniences can lead to messy disasters if not handled correctly. Having the right number of porta potties for your event will go a long way in ensuring that your guests have a pleasant experience. In addition, planning ahead will ensure that you’ll get the best rates. Food and drink can affect the number of restrooms needed

While determining how many portable restrooms you need for your event, consider the following: food and drink are big factors when deciding how many you need. The number of porta potties you need is typically one per 100 attendees. However, if your event is for a large group, it may be necessary to provide additional restrooms. Call us and we can give you a professional estimate for your event.

The duration of your event will also determine how many portable toilets you need. Events lasting more than six hours require more restrooms. According to the EPA, one portable toilet per 75 female attendees and one for every 400 male guests will be required. Adding 15 to 25% more toilets to your event is recommended for longer events. Likewise, events lasting over six hours should have more toilets than smaller ones. ADA-compliant restrooms are a necessity for outdoor events

Whether your event is for large or small groups of people, ADA-compliant portable restrooms are a must-have. These portable restrooms are accessible to those with disabilities and must include the appropriate features to ensure the safety and comfort of everyone. The five percent rule is not a hard and fast rule, and you may be surprised by how many events are actually missing these units. It’s important to talk with your rental company about how many disability-friendly units you’ll need, and if necessary, rent more than is required by ADA guidelines.

ADA-compliant portable restrooms are designed with very specific needs and comfort in mind. Usually, these units feature a ground-level entrance and wider doors for wheelchair users. Additionally, they feature toilet paper dispensers and handles within easy reach of wheelchair users. These restrooms should also be big enough for wheelchair users to turn around and exit without difficulty.

Getting enough portable toilets for an outdoor wedding:

If your wedding is taking place outdoors, one of the most important things to remember is to get enough portable restrooms. If you plan to have a lot of guests, especially those who are older or have disabilities, you will need to ensure that there are enough toilets for them. You should also rent ADA-compliant restrooms for your guests. Make sure to reserve these well in advance. If possible, reserve them at least two or three months before the big day.

Generally, wedding planners recommend getting one restroom for every 25 guests, so you may want to hire more than one. For example, if you’re hosting a four-hour wedding with 150 people, you will need to hire at least three female stalls and one male stall. Adding more units will improve guest comfort. And when it comes to price, doubling or tripling your rental can save you money.

If you need help deciding how many of what type of units to get, give us a call and we’ll give you an expert opinion.