What to Look For When Renting Portable Toilets

In this article, we’ll discuss the types of portable toilets available for rent and the price of these units in Kitsap, Pierce, & Thurston County WA. We’ll also discuss the cleaning and servicing services provided by Hemley’s HandyKans. Renting portable toilets for your next big event or party is a smart investment for any large crowd, but you should be aware of the factors that you should consider. The following tips will help you find the best deal.
Cleaning and servicing services provided by the rental company

Cleaning and servicing are essential aspects of a portable restroom rental agreement. These services generally include setting up the unit, cleaning and emptying the tank, replacing paper supplies, and disposing of waste. Rental companies generally charge a flat fee for the rental and servicing of the portable toilets. Cleaning services also include disposing of hazardous waste and removing the units from the site upon contract termination. Cleaning and servicing are also required by the United States Department of Labor.

Rental companies often offer maintenance services as well. These services can be extremely helpful in areas where sanitation may be a problem. Often, porta potty services will provide daily cleanings, as well as additional cleanings during the week and weekends. Porta potty rentals can be available in several models, such as restroom trailers with sinks and stalls, or restroom trailers with flushing toilets and water hookups. Dedicated toilet trailers for the elderly and handicapped are also available.

Cost of renting portable toilets in Pierce, Kitsap, King, and Thurston County WA:

When it comes to the cost of renting portable restrooms in those counties, you have several options. If you only need one unit, you can choose the cheapest option. However, there are also upgraded options that offer more luxurious features. You can also select a service that cleans the units once a week. The service charges are often low and include cleaning costs.

The cost of renting portable toilets in Kitsap, Pierce, and Thurston County WA varies greatly, depending on the type of porta potty you choose. Standard porta potties range from $100 to $250 per day, but we have models that offer more luxury and convenience. Depending on the number of units you need, your rental will depend on how long you plan to use them. The cost will depend on the length of your event, the number of units you need, and whether you want cleaning and maintenance services. You can get portable toilets for as little as $75 per day, or as much as $1,200 for a weekend.

There are many types of portable toilets

When renting portable restrooms, you’ll want to look for the style and number of stalls you need. There are several different types of portable toilets to choose from, and you don’t always need them all. Standard porta potties are perfect for casual events or emergencies, and they are generally clean and well-maintained. If you’re renting for a longer event, choose a porta potty with a sink, which is a great option for any type of event.

Standard porta potties are the most common and affordable type of portable toilets to rent. They are great for a large event, such as a fair or music festival, and don’t require a permanent installation. Standard porta potties do not have flushing capabilities or sinks. Flushing portable toilets are slightly larger and more luxurious than standard rentals, but have more features. Flushing units are popular for home parties, construction sites, and disaster relief work.

Maintenance of portable toilets

If you’re planning a long-term rental of portable restrooms, you’ll want to consider the maintenance of these facilities. There are various guidelines for cleaning and maintaining portable restrooms that you should be aware of before you rent one.  And remember, a portable toilet rental company can help you.

One of the most overlooked tips for maintaining portable restrooms is to sanitize vulnerable parts. These points are frequently touched and used by people. Cleaning these areas is crucial to prevent odors and germs from spreading. When you rent a porta potty, ask the rental company to sanitize any handles and dispensers. These areas may seem small, but they can harbor a lot of bacteria.

These are just some of the facts and topic areas to consider when renting portable toilets and restrooms. The easiest way to get expert advice is to call us! We can give you an estimate on the type, size, length of rental, and cost of any of the above-mentioned facilities.